leaking-crack2Sooner or later, you will need pool leak specialist. When you do, you want that leak found quickly and repaired correctly. The leak professionals you want are at Crystal Clear Pool Service.

The Culprit: our North Texas "Lively" Soil

Expansive soil moves with the seasons and plays havoc with a swimming pool's rigid structure and plumbing. The hidden causes, and the uncertain solutions associated with leaks and leak repair intimidate, not just pool owners, but most pool professionals as well. Crystal Clear is willing to find your leak and fix it right.

There are four types of pool leaks:

  1. those caused by cracked structure,
  2. those caused when fittings pull away from the structure,
  3. those caused by broken underground pipes, and
  4. those caused by worn or damaged pool equipment.

Most professionals deal only with the fourth cause. Crystal Clear will tackle them all. We have:

  • the technology
  • the training
  • a licensed scuba diver on staff (read more about scuba diving and leak detection here.)
  • the experience and determination to find your leak and fix it right.

Are you suddenly losing more water than evaporation can account for? It does not take much—just a small leak can drastically hike that monthly water bill. You might be losing hundreds of gallons daily -- money literally down the drain.

Pictures below:  These are a few images from the repair process of a pool crack.  The first is a picture of a crack that was causing the loss of a huge amount of water.  The second is the crack exposed and prepped for staples.  The third is the crack repaired, stapled, epoxied and plaster patch applied (still wet)

this crack might not look big, but big amounts of water were passing through itIn the middle of the repair process, the crack exposed and prepared for staplesCrack repaired - stapled, epoxied and plaster patch applied (still wet)