Crystal Clear Pool Service has been serving the North Dallas area for over 30 years!  Let us take over the care and maintenance of your pool.  Crystal Clear Pool Service will keep your pool sparkling and clean all season long.

We offer dependable and exceptional pool cleaning services:

  • Turn-key pool cleaning service as often as you need it to keep your pool sparkling clean all season long
  • We maintain and clean salt water pools, too
  • Never worry about chemicals again!  We provide them and we maintain them.
  • Check equipment from top to bottom - all baskets, filter, hoses - we check it all
  • Clean out leaves and debris, top to bottom
  • Brush everything - walls, steps, ledges, spa

We do more than just clean pools.  We take care of your pool and your pool equipment.  Anything your pool needs, we can provide:

  • We can maintain pool parts, and repair or replace as needed: Pumps, Timers, Filters, Heaters, Sweeps, Pool Lights, Computerized Controls, Valves, Pool Plumbing
  • We can resurfacing your pool's plaster and maintain it in the critical "seasoning" period
  • We can install electronic equipment. Ask us about your energy-efficient options!
  • We can upgrade your pool tile, coping and decks
  • We can redesign your pool
  • We can renovate your pool or spa structure - Yes, you can change the shape of your pool or even add a waterfall or spa.

Crystal Clear Pool Service of Dallas can repair your pool, repair your pool equipment, or help you upgrade your pool.

The ORIGINAL Crystal Clear Pool Service of Dallas!