daisy-clean-poolAre you considering a re-plaster, or a new surface?  Consider this:  New surfaces need to "cure" under-water for 30 days.

Throughout this period, it is crucial to properly balance the chemicals to avoid permanent staining, roughness or unevenness of texture, scaling (when chemicals build up on the surface) or etching (when chemicals corrode the plaster).

Precise technical expertise is required to achieve the proper chemical balance during the curing period.  At Crystal Clear, we give your new pool the extra expert attention that it needs to get a good start.  Our start-up program assures constant attention:

 Week 1  Balance chemicals and thoroughly brush every day
 Week 2 & 3  Balance chemicals and thoroughly brush 3 times a week
 Week 4  Balance chemicals and thoroughly brush 2 times a week

A proper startup is required for both brand new pools and recently remodeled pools. 

Because both new pools and remodeled pools have new plaster, both types of pools need a pool plaster curing service.  Let Crystal Clear Pool Service of Dallas take care of your pool's new plaster,so that you can be certain it’s done right, by a professional!