Scuba Gear?  Is it necessary to send a diver into a pool - really?

Yes! Often, the fastest and most effective way to find a hidden leak it is to go underwater and hunt it down.  (Find out more about common causes of leaks here.)  This is the starting point—a diver technician underwater assessment of the structural integrity of pool walls, steps, drains, fittings and lights. 

After this initial step, we proceed step - by - step through a comprehensive strategy that includes utilizing an array of sophisticated techniques and equipment.

We test everything: pumps, seals, equipment, underground plumbing, and system pressure. And there's a benefit to our approach: It's common for our diver to find a crack or separated fitting as the main source of the water loss. He can then make the repair on the spot---No need to drain the pool! 

If you think your pool is losing water, or if you see cracks in the pool structure, pick up the phone and let's get started.

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A Crystal Clear Pool Service scuba diving technician, preparing to conduct a pool leak diagnosis or pool crack repair